Birds life on Socotra is as rich in mainland Yemen. Over 227 species can be found on the island with ten known kinds endemic. They are the Socotra Sparrow (passer insluaris), Socotra sunbird (nactarian balfouri), Socotra warbler (incana incana), the black Socotra starling with its orange under wing (onychoganthus frater), Socotra cisticola (cisticola haesitita) and Socotra bunting (emberiza socotrana) with its black distinct –white head stripes. Local report include the inner falcon (falcon bairmmiscus) ,Socotra buzzard (buteo buteo considered endemic in year 2010 and other two birds African scopes owl( otus senegalensis ) Every present is the Egyptian vulture (Neopheron percnopterus). The island has an important breeding ground for many visiting birds. Among them is the masked booby (sula dactylatra).this seabird is the largest booby with wingspans of up 152cm.they can be distinguished by their black wingtips  and characteristic mask .The brown booby (sula Leucogaster)also comes to Socotra for nesting .In contrast to the masked booby, the brown booby has rich brown plumage with a white underside. Other regulars on Socotra, s shores include the bird led tern (sterna anaethetus), Persian shearwater (puffinus persicu), and red-billed tropicbird (Phaeton aethetus). Visitors are quite likely to catch sight of the Socotra cormorant (Phalacrocorz nigrogularis), these large birds are almost black with slight white marking on the wings and eyes, and can achieve wingspans of up to 300cm. .For more information about Socotra birds see the book: Birds of the middle East-coming out in August 2010 written by Richard Porter and Simon Aspina