Camping & Group tours

Camping-ToursWe are specialists in organising camping tours. Our island guides Adnan, Mahdi and Salem grew up on Socotra and will share their lifelong local knowledge of its natural wonders and native people with you. As well as driving you all over the island in our jeeps, we will escort you on hikes, prepare your meals, and show all of Socotra’s outstandingly beautiful swimming spots. You can either chill on the beach all day or go exploring, it’s up to you.

We are local, experienced in taking care of the tourists and fulfilling their needs. We are well equipped in camping gear, and if you want to touch and feel the real of Socotri value being the biodiversity, the culture, traditions and amazing scenery or only make camping in different areas, which at the end of your tour will gain or understand what does make Socotra different from the world.

Socotra Trek Tours offers Private Individual Tours and Group Tours for Organisations or business, all of our group tours can be operated as will be presented or with modifications according to your preferences. For more details feel free to contact us.