Diving and snorkeling

Renowned as the “Galápagos of the Indian Ocean,” Socotra offers an unparalleled underwater experience. Our exclusive diving and snorkeling tours take you to the island’s most breathtaking marine sites, including the vibrant coral reefs of Dihamri Marine Protected Area and the crystal-clear waters of Shoab Bay. Discover a diverse array of marine life, from colorful fish and corals to playful dolphins and majestic rays. Join us for an unforgettable aquatic adventure in one of the world’s last untouched marine paradises.

Best diving season

The best time to dive in Socotra is from March to April, when the sea conditions are at their calmest, providing excellent visibility and a comfortable water temperature. During these months, divers can experience the full splendor of Socotra’s underwater world, with flourishing coral reefs and abundant marine life. The clear waters make it ideal for spotting a variety of fish species, as well as larger marine creatures such as dolphins and rays. Plan your visit during this period to ensure the most enjoyable and memorable diving experience.

Scuba divers in Socotra

Key diving sites in Socotra

Dihamri Marine Protected Area

Dihamri is renowned for its rich coral reefs and diverse marine life. Here, you can encounter parrotfish, moray eels, and the occasional turtle. The clear waters offer excellent visibility, making it a favorite among divers.

Shoab Bay

Shoab Bay features a notable diving site with the “Sunrise” shipwreck, lying at a depth of 25-27 meters. This steel shipwreck, the largest in Socotra waters, has created an artificial reef attracting diverse marine life. Divers should be cautious of large skates and entangled fishing nets. The site can have strong currents and low visibility, but conditions are calmer from February to April, making it an excellent time to observe schooling fish. The wreck’s location and marine diversity make it worth spending an extra day diving in Shoab Bay.

Ras Ersil

Located at the eastern tip of Socotra, Ras Ersil boasts seven diving sites with numerous shipwrecks, some up to 50 years old and accessible to divers. The shipwrecks are the result of vessels colliding with an underwater mountain. Ras Irsil has been designated a protected area.

Rosh Marine Protected Area

Rosh Marine Protected Area features a single, extensive diving site with depths ranging between 10 and 15 meters. It is renowned for a reef stretching about 1 km off the coast. Night dives are also possible at this site, offering a unique experience of the underwater world after dark.


Adho offers two dive sites, each reaching depths of up to 30 meters.

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If you are ready to dive into the clear waters of Socotra and explore its vibrant coral reefs, Socotra Trek is here to make your trip seamless. Our experienced guides will lead you through the island’s best dive sites, ensuring a safe and exhilarating adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a newcomer, we provide all the necessary equipment and personalized support. Let Socotra Trek handle all the details, so you can focus on the unforgettable underwater experiences awaiting you. Book your diving tour with us today!

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