How to get to Socotra?

Getting to Socotra might seem challenging due to its remote location, but with Socotra Trek, the journey becomes straightforward and stress-free. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information to travel from Abu Dhabi to Socotra. We handle everything from booking your flights to securing your visa, ensuring a seamless travel experience. Read on to learn more about our exclusive services and how we make your dream trip to Socotra a reality.

Flights from Abu Dhabi to Socotra

Direct Flights

Traveling to Socotra is straightforward with direct flights from Abu Dhabi. There is a weekly flight every Tuesday and Friday from October to May. During the peak season (late October until late November and February until late March) an additional flight is usually available on Sundays (see below).

Booking Flights

Air Arabia operates governmental charter flights to Socotra, but travelers cannot book these flights online. Instead, bookings must be made through a travel agency like Socotra Trek.

Given the popularity of Socotra, flights can fill up quickly. Socotra Trek begins preparing booking details, including flight reservations, as early as June. Register for your tour early to guarantee your flight and accommodation. By booking through Socotra Trek, you ensure a hassle-free experience with all logistics handled on your behalf.

Flights to Socotra during the 2024-2025 season

DateDayDeparture TimeArrival TimeOriginDestination
1-Oct-24TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
1-Oct-24TUE11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
4-Oct-24FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
4-Oct-24FRI11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
8-Oct-24TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
8-Oct-24TUE11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
11-Oct-24FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
11-Oct-24FRI11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
15-Oct-24TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
15-Oct-24TUE11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
18-Oct-24FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
18-Oct-24FRI11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
20-Oct-24SUN9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
20-Oct-24SUN11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
22-Oct-24TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
22-Oct-24TUE11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
25-Oct-24FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
25-Oct-24FRI11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
27-Oct-24SUN9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
27-Oct-24SUN11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
29-Oct-24TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
29-Oct-24TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
DateDayDeparture TimeArrival TimeOriginDestination
1-Nov-24FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
1-Nov-24FRI11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
3-Nov-24SUN9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
3-Nov-24SUN11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
5-Nov-24TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
5-Nov-24TUE11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
8-Nov-24FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
8-Nov-24FRI11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
10-Nov-24SUN9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
10-Nov-24SUN11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
12-Nov-24TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
12-Nov-24TUE11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
15-Nov-24FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
15-Nov-24FRI11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
17-Nov-24SUN9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
17-Nov-24SUN11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
19-Nov-24TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
19-Nov-24TUE11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
22-Nov-24FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
22-Nov-24FRI11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
24-Nov-24SUN9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
24-Nov-24SUN11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
26-Nov-24TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
26-Nov-24TUE11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
29-Nov-24FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
29-Nov-24FRI11:5015:10SocotraAbu Dhabi
DateDayDeparture TimeArrival TimeOriginDestination
3-Dec-24TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
3-Dec-24TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
6-Dec-24FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
6-Dec-24FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
10-Dec-24TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
10-Dec-24TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
13-Dec-24FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
13-Dec-24FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
17-Dec-24TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
17-Dec-24TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
20-Dec-24FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
20-Dec-24FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
24-Dec-24TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
24-Dec-24TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
27-Dec-24FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
27-Dec-24FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
31-Dec-24TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
31-Dec-24TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
DateDayDeparture TimeArrival TimeOriginDestination
3-Jan-25FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
3-Jan-25FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
7-Jan-25TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
7-Jan-25TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
10-Jan-25FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
10-Jan-25FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
14-Jan-25TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
14-Jan-25TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
17-Jan-25FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
17-Jan-25FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
21-Jan-25TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
21-Jan-25TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
24-Jan-25FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
24-Jan-25FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
28-Jan-25TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
28-Jan-25TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
31-Jan-25FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
31-Jan-25FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
DateDayDeparture TimeArrival TimeOriginDestination
2-Feb-25SUN9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
2-Feb-25SUN11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
4-Feb-25TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
4-Feb-25TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
7-Feb-25FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
7-Feb-25FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
9-Feb-25SUN9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
9-Feb-25SUN11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
11-Feb-25TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
11-Feb-25TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
14-Feb-25FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
14-Feb-25FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
16-Feb-25SUN9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
16-Feb-25SUN11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
18-Feb-25TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
18-Feb-25TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi</td
21-Feb-25FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
21-Feb-25FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
23-Feb-25SUN9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
23-Feb-25SUN11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
25-Feb-25TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
25-Feb-25TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi</td
28-Feb-25FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
28-Feb-25FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
DateDayDeparture TimeArrival TimeOriginDestination
2-Mar-25SUN9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
2-Mar-25SUN11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
4-Mar-25TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
4-Mar-25TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
7-Mar-25FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
7-Mar-25FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
9-Mar-25SUN9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
9-Mar-25SUN11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
11-Mar-25TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
11-Mar-25TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
14-Mar-25FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
14-Mar-25FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
16-Mar-25SUN9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
16-Mar-25SUN11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
18-Mar-25TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
18-Mar-25TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
21-Mar-25FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
21-Mar-25FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
23-Mar-25SUN9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
23-Mar-25SUN11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
25-Mar-25TUE9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
25-Mar-25TUE11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
28-Mar-25FRI9:0010:20Abu DhabiSocotra
28-Mar-25FRI11:5015:05SocotraAbu Dhabi
Socotri people in Hadiboh

Visa for Socotra

Visa requirements

To travel to Socotra, a Yemeni visa is required. Travelers cannot obtain a visa on arrival or apply independently online. Instead, visas must be arranged through a registered tour operator like Socotra Trek.

Socotra Trek assistance

At Socotra Trek, we handle the entire visa application process for you, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Here’s how it works:

  1. Document preparation: Provide Socotra Trek with a scanned copy of your passport photo page. Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your planned travel dates.
  2. Application submission: Socotra Trek uses your passport details to apply for your visa. We liaise directly with Yemeni authorities to process your application.
  3. Visa approval: Once approved, Socotra Trek will share with you a digital visa. You should receive it within two weeks of your departure. You must print this visa and bring it with you when you travel.
  4. Final steps: Present the printed visa at the airport in Abu Dhabi before boarding your direct flight to Socotra.

Important Notes

  • Processing time: Ensure that you provide all required documents well in advance to avoid delays. We will contact you when it is time to share your passport details.
  • Validity: Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond your date of entry into Socotra.
  • Exclusions: The visa process is not available to Israeli citizens.

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