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Socotra is an extraordinary place offering you oustanding botanic expedition in an incredible variety of landscapes and environments, from the sea level to the cliffs of deep wadis, of jagged limestone plateau, up to the 1500m peak overlooking mountain range.
According to the many botanical surveys that have been conducted on the island, Socotra is home to nearly 1000 different plant species, of which about a third are found nowhere else on earth. New ones are regularly discovered, and other still remain to be described.
Socotra can be seen as a sanctuary of life forms that might once have been present in the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa and remain only there nowadays, evolving in their very own way.
Some of the best place we will show you to admire some of these rare endemic plants are Skand, Ayhaft canyon, Malha and Diksam.

Just tell us what you want to see, and our specialised guides will lead you to the plants of your dreams.

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