We are specialised in organising trekking tours around the entire island. There are plenty of remarkable hiking for tourists who come for long or short trips. Some paths are tough and fixed for people who enjoy trekking activities and have strong desire to discover the secret beauty of Socotra as well as take amazing photos of hidden scenery. We are always flexible with people who prefer comfortable paths and easy walks with less energy spend this will grant you to be socialized with Bedouin people when you pass the villages. Socotra trek Tour offer different levels of hiking according to stamina with fabulous views for taking photos on the way.

When is it Possible to com for trekking: the best times of trekking is start from middle of October up to April. Socotra Trek Tour provides seven day, six days five days four days three day and two days trekking package. Socotra trek Tour cover the following routes  Skand Preserve  is the highest peak in the island where  you can find  many species of endemic plants, Hajjher Moutian crossing Adho Demalha ,Ayahaft Canyon  up to Tinarrha, Dirhour canyon down to south trough wadi Hadalh, Farmhen Mountain the largest forest of dragoon blood trees and Wadi Kalasihan. Some of our treks crossing Hajjher mountains the stuff loaded by camels, there you have a chance to ride the camels