Diving and snorkeling

Diving and snorkeling in Socotra  is one of the most important activities for visitors during Diving&snorkling last years. Why Socotra is famous for diving and snorkeling? Because Socotra has five unique hotspots’ which make the island amazing in marine life,thesre are the locations for diving Dihamri protected area with more than 80 kinds of corals and 150 sorts  of fishes including decoration and colored fishes. The underwater relief is very astonishing and you can dive up to 50 meters deep, it’s the best place for snorkeling. Rosh protected area  it’s an marine area about 1 km from the shore it’s a reef with 10 to 15 meters deep.Adho here the possibility for diving is up to 30 meters deep with scoop of fishes  also you can make snorkeling in the shallow water in Adho. Erissel is in tip of the island in connection between Arabian see and Indian Ocean it’s a trade route of ships. During the last 50 years many ships drown in this water so, shipwreck can be seen. It pronounces as protected area.Shaub is on the west of the island where the biggest shipwreck is sank