Flights to Socotra 


There are only 2 companies providing flights services for Socotra:
Felix Airways offering 2 domestic flights per week, and an international one coming once a week from Sharjah (United Arab Emirates).
Yemenia Airways offering each Monday one flight to the island.
And brand new, from February the 15th, the company offers new Direct flights Dubai-Socotra-Dubai

So sit back and relax, we can even take responsibility for booking your tickets.

Felix Felix Airways Saturday FlightsFlight dateFlightDepartureArrival–/–/2015FO15010:00 – Sanaa11:00 – Riyan-Mukalla
–/–/2015FO15011:30 – Riyan-Mukalla12:30 – Socotra
–/–/2015FO15113:00 – Socotra14:00 – Riyan-Mukalla
–/–/2015FO15114:30 – Riyan-Mukalla15:30 – Sanaa

Felix Felix Airways Wednesday FlightsFlight dateFlightDepartureArrival–/–/2015FO60305:45 – Sharjah07:05 – Riyan-Mukalla
–/–/2015FO15009:30 – Riyan-Mukalla10:30 – Socotra
–/–/2015FO15113:00 – Socotra14:00 – Riyan-Mukalla
–/–/2015FO60017:45 – Riyan-Mukalla21:15 – Sharjah

Monday Flights

Flight dateFlightDepartureArrival–/–/2015IY42207:00 – Sana’a09:45 – Socotra
–/–/2015IY42310:30 – Socotra13:15 – Sana’a

YemeniaBrand new, from February the 15th, the company offers new Dubai-Socotra Direct flights

Sunday Flight

Flight dateFlightDepartureArrival–/–/2015IY85308:10 – Dubai09:25 – Socotra

YemeniaBrand new, from February the 15th, the company offers new Socotra-Dubai Direct flights

Wednesday Flight

Flight dateFlightDepartureArrival–/–/2015IY85210:30 – Socotra12:55 - Dubai


Accommodation on Socotra is simple and basic since the Island is a young eco-tourism orientated destination and according to your wishes, we can offer optional tour programs with hotel, camping in tents and a mix of both.

Visa Requirements

  • A visa to Yemen is required for all European citizens. If you send us a scanned copy of your passeport, we will then be able to issue your visa, we will send you a copy by email. You will just have to print it and present it on arrival to obtain the oficial document.
  • We can also provide you with an invitation letter to apply for your visa at the Yemeni embassy of your country.
  • Note that visa application for passport having passed through Israel will not be accepted.